Environmental Sustainability

Corporate Headquarters

  • We promote energy efficiency by shutting down all lighting and computer systems every day.
  • We have an active and effective recycling program with all employees participating in the recycling of all waste paper products, glass, metal, and electronic wastes, including ink cartridges, cell phones and office equipment. Furthermore, we encourage our employees to avoid the unnecessary use of paper and other environmental resources.
  • We actively engage with our landlord to assist in the implementation of new sustainability and conservation initiatives throughout our building.
  • Employees are encouraged to ride mass transit to and from the workplace. Additionally, we allow employees to pay for such transportation costs with pre-tax earnings.

Our Properties

We believe in an alignment of our business practices with the principles of sustainable growth. Accordingly:

  • We incorporate sustainability into our investment and asset management strategies, with a focus on minimizing environmental impact.
  • During the acquisition of new properties, we will assess both sustainability opportunities and climate change-related risks as part of our due diligence process.
  • Our properties are generally leased to our tenants under long-term, triple-net leases, which gives our tenants control over our properties and the ability to institute energy conservation and environmental management programs. Our tenants are large companies with sophisticated conservation and sustainability programs. These programs limit the use of resources and limit the impact of our properties on the environment, including but not limited to implementing specific environmental efficiency enhancements, green building and lighting standards, standards regarding the reduction in energy and water consumption, and recycling programs.

As part of our asset management strategy, we also work with our tenants to support implementation of operational best practices. We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and minimizing our impact on the environment. Our approach to corporate citizenship is reinforced by periodic engagement with key stakeholders to understand their corporate responsibility priorities.

Our Tenants

Caesars Entertainment Corporation

Caesars Entertainment’s CodeGreen strategy drives environmental awareness and engagement, as well as performance, across the business. A data-driven and disciplined environmental program that leverages the passion of employees, CodeGreen also engages guests and suppliers. CodeGreen was established in 2008, with a baseline year of 2007 for environmental targets and 2011 for science-based goals. The strategy now encompasses additional elements of Caesars Entertainment’s corporate responsibility strategy for a comprehensive approach and includes community involvement and engagement of colleagues at many different levels.

Environmental opportunities, risks and programs are managed strategically within several departments, including Corporate Social Responsibility and Facilities & Engineering, which includes Sustainable Operations, Enterprise Risk Management and Government Relations.

The Facilities & Engineering group conducts on-site property audits quarterly to identify environmental risks and opportunities at the specific asset/property level. Caesars’ Sustainable Operations group works with the Risk Management and the Facilities & Engineering groups to further identify climate-related risks and opportunities. The Risk Assessment methodologies, as well as the on-site audits, embody the Caesars Code of Commitment and identify risks and opportunities that potentially impact Caesars’ fundamental commitment to guests, employees, environmental stewardship and local communities.

A robust set of environmental metrics including energy and water consumption, waste diversion and greenhouse gas emissions from locations across North America, are tracked in a company scorecard and results are reported to the senior management team. These metrics are utilized to guide continuous improvement programs and impact reduction at the properties. Additionally, these environmental metrics are used by the executive capital committee for review and approval of capital expenditures related to energy efficiency projects and sustainability initiatives.

As a result of this level of commitment, Caesars Entertainment has been identified as a global leader for its actions and strategies to manage carbon and climate change across its supply chain, and was awarded a position on the Supplier Engagement leader board by CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, the non-profit global environmental disclosure platform. Over 5,000 companies are assessed by CDP on their supply chain engagement strategies and Caesars Entertainment is among the 3% of organizations to be awarded a position on the leader board, in recognition of its actions to reduce emissions and lower climate-related risks in the supply chain.